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Fort Lauderdale Job Related Blindness or Sight Impairedness

Morales & Cerino

Are you experiencing a loss of sight, blurriness, or irritation to your eyes? It’s possible you could be suffering from a serious injury to your eyes. Sight impairedness or job related blindness is a severe injury that significantly impacts your life, and could result in long-lasting or lifelong sight problems.

The loss of your sight, as related to your job, can slowly happen after being surrounded by bright lights, or when exposed to a sudden or accidental injury to the head or eye. The sudden demise of your eyesight can occur after being subject to a serious workplace incident like an explosion. If you believe you have suffered blindness due to your work conditions or from a work-related incident, then it’s important to act quickly to ensure you don’t forfeit your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Contact the experienced personal injury attorney and workers’ compensation attorneys at Morales & Cerino to help you get the immediate medical and financial benefits you deserve.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you became blind due to a workplace accident, or suffered permanent damage to your vision while working for your employer, you are eligible for certain benefits under Florida workers’ compensation laws. We have represented clients who suffered sight damage from a head injury, explosion, other traumatic event, or from cumulative effects of workplace lighting.

The benefits you receive from your Fort Lauderdale job related blindness or sight impairedness case can be collected over time or as a lump sum settlement. We can help you make that decision. Morales & Cerino has represented many clients in claims for eye injury and blindness. The goal of your skilled legal team is to show the insurance companies that your vision is severely impaired to meet the requirements, as well as document the full extent of sight loss to maximize your benefits.