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Fort Launderdale Overexertion Injuries

Morales & Cerino

Whether your overexertion or joint injury is because of repetitive lifting, carrying items, or even due to an unexpected accident such as a slip and fall, shoulder and elbow injuries are the results. When such injuries are developed slowly over a time, and are repetitive, they can be tough to detect as they come on slowly to eventually becoming so bothersome, you are confused as to exactly how the discomfort and injury started. That is why is it essential to report any kind of pain that may happen at work to your supervisor right away, as well as submit an injury record and demand medical attention.

If you do report an overexertion injury, insurance company doctors could say that your injury to due to something that doesn’t have to do with the workplace. However, many people accept this misdiagnosis and do not make the effort to speak to a personal injury attorney. They don’t realize there are various other alternatives, like being seen by a doctor who isn’t close with the employer and their insurance provider. They can work with a physician who looks out for injured employees and not the employer’s insurance deep pockets. Recuperation from overexertion injuries could require physical therapy and a surgical procedure to help eradicate and even reduce discomfort triggered by the injury.

Overexertion injuries (which includes sprains, strains, torn ligaments, and muscles) could call for numerous weeks of off time from work and sometimes can prevent injured employees from going back to their old work if the injury was triggered by repeated tension. These sorts of injuries are cumulative and often times hurt workers who get these types of injuries. Workers who have overexertion injuries typically have to quit their job and find another one that doesn’t worsen their body, joints, and muscles.

If you are a Fort Lauderdale, FL worker who suffers from overexertion injuries, don’t delay. The time is now to act, so get the phone and receive a comprehensive consultation from Morales & Cerino. Our legal team knows all about workers’ compensation benefits, personal injury litigation, and we can get you the help you need.