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Miami Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Morales & Cerino

When you have a work-related injury, you might be wondering who you should call to get the information you need.

Only lawyers experienced in the Miami workers’ compensation system will give you the advice you need. The insurance company doesn’t care if you have a lawyer; insurance companies are all about business.

At the Miami law firm of Morales & Cerino, we represent people injured on the job and people disabled by their injury or illness. We provide considerate, caring service for your legal needs, whether you are an injured construction worker or a worker who is going blind. We can also assist you with third-party work-related injury insurance claims. Our areas of expertise include:

Sure, you can call everyone in the south Florida are for legal advice. But, if the insurance company spends time, money, and effort to keep legal costs down, it is only fair to say that you should know a little bit about how the system works as well.

With recent changes to Florida’s workers’ compensation law, employers reducing overhead, and people struggling to make a living, people who have been injured on the job need topnotch legal assistance. Whether you are looking to obtain workers’ comp benefits, or a Miami law suit settlement, having an experienced Miami workers’ compensation lawyer on your side makes the difference between receiving the benefits you need and being denied.

At our southern Florida law firm, we are totally devoted to guaranteeing that your rights are protected if you have been injured on the job. In addition to Miami, we provide legal services to the areas of: Hallandale, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. As our firm continues to expand, so does our dedication to getting fair compensation for those who have been injured in South Florida.