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Fort Lauderdale Brain Injury and Head Trauma (TBI) at Work

Morales & Cerino

Suffering from a brain injury is a significant and unfavorable event. Brain injuries can trigger incapacitating damage that includes migraine headache and various other symptoms. Permanent brain damage can result in the loss of particular physical functions, loss of brief or long term memory, loss of spoken functions or electric motor skills, and also paralysis.

In Fort Lauderdale, struggling with brain injury or head trauma (TBI) at work leaves a considerable, long-lasting negative effect. Head and brain injuries cause debilitating damages that could consist of concussions, migraines, and other discomforts.

When you suffer a head trauma or brain injury at work, it not only affects your job performance, but is has a huge impact on your daily life. You have to re-learn normal, day-to-day tasks such as eating, drinking, walking, personal hygiene, reading, and a lot more. There are a number of thing that employees injured in the head will certainly have to conquer if they endured a devastating brain injury. Understandably, all this recovery and in-home treatment, and physical treatment could set you back hundreds of dollars a month, leaving a significant economic devastation on the damaged workers and anyone who is taking care of them.

Catastrophic injuries, such as head trauma and brain injuries, require a lot of work. Your best choice, and for you to get the most advantages possible, is to work with a skilled and expert attorney who knows about employer law and workers’ compensation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When you or your loved one suffers a head injury on the job, your next phone call should be to Morales & Cerino.

It is imperative that you pick up the phone and call our personal injury attorney to get the help you need and require. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation about your case.