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Miami Job Related Blindness or Sight Impairedness

Morales & Cerino

What exactly is the protocol if you injure your eyes at work? For example, if an object lands or hits you in the eyes, you can file a workers’ compensation claim and you could qualify for a financial settlement. If that sounds simple, think again. If you work in Miami, and you are the victim of job related blindness or sight impairedness, call Morales & Cerino as soon as possible. We will review your case and assist you with the procedure.

Sight loss takes place from either trauma or over time. Nonetheless, you invest a great deal of your time at work. Therefore, your workplace can contribute to a loss of hearing. Our Miami personal injury attorneys can let you know whether this entitles you to benefits.

We represent employees in Miami, FL and the surrounding areas, including West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Our firm has actually concentrated almost only on employees’ settlement cases and on the protection of the legal rights of injured workers for many years.

Although the workers’ compensation rules and regulations continue to change, we have a solid understanding of the legislation and also the familiarity we have with individuals who make the system run still offer worth to you as a client. Additionally, our legal representatives are proficient at identifying and also pursuing personal injury claims against third-parties, if they are somehow involved in the workplace accident that impaired your sight.

Regardless of how you need us, we are here to help. From workers’ compensation to litigation, our legal experts will guide you through the process, making your situation less stressful. You will find us friendly and responsive to your problems and accessible to you at any time you need us. Morales & Cerino will work strongly to achieve the very best results in the least amount of time.