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Miami Carpal Tunnel from Working

Morales & Cerino

One common misconception about workers’ compensation is that you have to be hurt in an accident to receive it. The reality is, injuries or ailments that develop over time by repeating physical tasks or long term direct exposure to damaging compounds, are just as valid as any work environment injuries that might be triggered by an accident. Carpal tunnel syndrome and various other injuries triggered by recurring stress are not unusual in today’s workplace. Our lawyers understand these injuries and can help you in getting what you need in order to recuperate.

At Morales & Cerino, we represent individuals throughout Miami, FL and the surrounding areas in all phases of the workers’ compensation process. If have carpal tunnel from working, we can assist you in receiving compensation from lost income, as well as get you the medical help you need to recover. Furthermore, carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress disorders can qualify you for Social Safety Disability (SSD).

Our Miami personal injury law firm can aid you in solving any issues you have with a job related injury, especially if your employer was at fault. Whether it was because of a slip and fall, falling object, or defective equipment at a construction site, we can give you the help you need to get you the result you deserve. You have our word on it.

Both the SSD as well as workers’ compensation processes can be confusing, irritating, and filled with postponements. We can assist with reducing these results. Our legal team is quite useful to you in regards to having the ability to answer your questions about what is happening with your case and what to anticipate. Unlike other Miami, FL personal injury law firms, Morales & Cerino encourages its clients to ask questions and not think twice in revealing any type of legal problem at any time.