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Miami Employee Fatality

Morales & Cerino

An employee fatality accident is devastating to a family. The Miami, FL workers’ compensation lawyers at Morales & Cerino have the experience and empathy needed to deal with these severe situations. Call us today for you’re a consultation!

If your loved one has a job-related death in a construction site accident, our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys will work hard to get you your workers’ compensation to take care of your household and family.

With our experience, we are one of the most sort after Miami law offices for employee fatalities, such as having a heart attack at work. While heart attacks at work are common, verifying that the work actually triggered the issue can be difficult. We strive to level the legal field, which will improve your possibility of getting the money you deserve. Our lawyers will get to working fast.

You should know, the insurance companies are already assessing and strategizing ways to deal with your insurance claim. They could be aiming to delay or refuse it. If you wait to figure out, it might be too late. If you wait to employ an employee fatality legal professional, the one doing the wrong may have the upper hand relating to a number of issues, such as finding and examining witnesses first, tampering with or destroying evidence, or just supplying you with little to no information, leaving you in the dark and not genuinely recognizing your legal rights.

The decisions you and your household make will show the results of your employee fatality case. A number of tactical decisions have to be made promptly, including gathering proof right away and getting experts. Our law practice, serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Hollywood, has substantial experience managing wrongful deaths in the workplace. Allow us to wisely, thoroughly and purposefully defend you and your deceased family member.