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  • Miami Back Injury at Work

    The legal settlements for back injuries at work differ from those of other injuries such as, head or legs. In Miami, with a back injury at work, it is ...
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  • Miami Brain Injury and Head Trauma (TBI) at Work

    Whether it is a brain injury or traumatic head trauma, both types of injuries can be acute to grave. All levels of head injuries bring the likelihood ...
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  • Miami Carpal Tunnel from Working

    One common misconception about workers’ compensation is that you have to be hurt in an accident to receive it. The reality is, injuries or ailments ...
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  • Miami Construction Worker Accident

    Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. Every year, approximately1 out of 10 construction workers will have an accident, and ...
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  • Miami Employee Fatality

    An employee fatality accident is devastating to a family. The Miami, FL workers’ compensation lawyers at Morales & Cerino have the experience and ...
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  • Miami Hit by an Object at Work

    Miami, FL businesses have a duty to maintain their property in a way that it is reasonably safe for their employees. If you were injured because you ...
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  • Miami Job Related Blindness or Sight Impairedness

    What exactly is the protocol if you injure your eyes at work? For example, if an object lands or hits you in the eyes, you can file a workers’ ...
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  • Miami Neck Injury at Work

    There are many situations in which legal action in court can be taken. For example, you can file a work injury claim if you get a neck or back injury ...
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