Lifting Injuries & Workers’ Comp Benefits in Hialeah

Understanding Your Lifting Injuries

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the United States. These injuries are primarily caused by overexertion and cumulative trauma. They are largely preventable if smart lifting practices are observed, which employers and employees share a responsibility for following.

At Morales & Cerino, we have extensive experience with workers’ compensation claims related to lifting injuries. Our dedicated Hialeah and Miami workers' compensation lawyers help workers across Florida who have been injured in heavy lifting accidents and also those who have suffered serious injuries as a result of continual lifting.

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Common Injuries Resulting from Heavy Lifting

The following types of injuries may be associated with the heavy lifting:

What Causes Lifting Injuries?

Heavy lifting does not have to cause physical trauma. There are specific factors that may cause these injuries to occur, including:

  • Objects that are simply too heavy for a human to safely lift. Loads heavier than 50 pounds will increase the risk of worker injury.
  • Inappropriate lifting posture increases the risk of muscle strain and other injuries.
  • Constantly lifting heavy objects or holding heavy objects for extended periods of time.
  • Inadequate or inappropriate handholds on objects that need to be lifted. In addition to increasing the risk of lifting injuries, there is an increased risk that a load will be dropped if it does not have proper handholds.
  • Inadequate lighting or poor visibility can affect workers’ ability to lift objects. Extreme temperatures, including cold or hot weather, can also affect safe lifting.


It is important to avoid lifting injuries at work because they can lead to serious physical and financial consequences. These types of injuries can result in missed days of work, medical bills, and long-term disability. Fortunately, there are steps that employers and employees alike can take to ensure a safe working environment and reduce the risk of lifting injuries.

Here are a few ways you can avoid heavy-lifting injuries:

  • Use correct lifting technique: Employers and employees should learn proper lifting techniques, such as keeping the load close to the body and using the legs to lift rather than the back.
  • Wear protective gear: Proper footwear with good support and toe protection, knee pads, and gloves can help workers safely handle heavy objects.
  • Use assistance when needed: Workers should not attempt to lift heavier items alone. Enlist a partner or use a dolly or some other form of mechanical assistance whenever necessary.
  • Keep floors clear of debris: Uncluttered floors reduce tripping hazards that are associated with slipping while carrying heavy objects.
  • Take frequent breaks: Breaks give workers time to rest from strenuous activity, so they can continue working safely throughout the day without fatigue-related accidents.
  • Provide special training for using equipment safely: Employees need instruction on how to operate any machine that utilizes lifting components. Such machines include forklifts, pallet jacks, and other lifting tools. Properly transporting goods across distances using machinery reduces the risk of injury due to manual handling errors.

By following smart safety practices such as using proper posture when lifting objects, keeping loads within a manageable weight limit, providing adequate lighting for visibility while lifting, and ensuring that objects have enough handholds or grips before carrying them, employers will be able to create safer workplaces for their employees.


Unfortunately, even the best preparation cannot prevent every incident. In any case, do not try to handle your work injury claim alone. Experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Florida can help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Injuries resulting from heavy lifting can cause significant medical bills and lost wages, requiring workers to take time off of work to recover. Fortunately, Florida law provides protections for injured employees who are forced to take time off due to a work-related injury.

At Morales & Cerino, our experienced Hialeah and Miami workers' compensation attorneys are here to help you get the compensation benefits that you deserve for your lifting injuries. Our lawyers will fight for your rights and ensure that your claim is handled properly and efficiently. We have offices in Miami and Plantation to serve you. Se habla español.  

If you have experienced any type of lifting injury and want to work with a workers' compensation lawyer who will help you recover the fair, complete benefits you deserve from a lifting injury at work, call (305) 340-2630. We serve Miami-Dade County and all of South Florida. View our case results here



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