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Fort Lauderdale Hit by an Object at Work

Morales & Cerino

An object falling on you can result in an injury or death. These types of workplace accidents happen all the time. At your place of employment, it is the responsibility of your employer to reduce the risk of injury and this is a legal requirement.

This means they are supposed to provide you with safety from being hit by falling objects in the workplace. Of course, accidents do happen, but if you were injured because your employer failed in their duty to protect you, you could have a workers’ compensation claim. Whatever your situation, if not enough was done to prevent an accident and you were hurt by a falling object, Morales & Cerino could help you claim compensation.

Our Fort Lauderdale “hit by an object at work” legal team has years of experience in helping people to file their claim after suffering from a falling object accident at work. This experience means that we know exactly what to do to give you the best chance of succeeding with your claim, and we will handle your case professionally and sensitively at all times.

An object falling on you can result in a serious injury. We know how an injury can affect your life, and we want to do all we can to make the situation stress-free by providing positive legal action for you and your case. We won’t just assist you with filing a worker’s compensation claim. We also help with rehabilitation, physical therapy, and any other medical support that you might need.

If there is no indication as to what is behind the accident, our expert legal professionals will come to your workplace to perform an investigation. In cases where the accident was caused by defective equipment, we can get assistance from expert engineers to get to the bottom of what happened.

If your injuries have caused you to be in a financial bind, Morales & Cerino might be able to get you a portion of your compensation quickly, so you can start putting your life back together.