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Fort Lauderdale Construction Worker Accident

Morales & Cerino

Every carpenter, electrician, plumber, and pipefitter understand that the construction industry is among one of the most dangerous out there. Studies show that it accounts for the highest proportion of work environment injuries and health problems throughout the country. Building and construction site accidents take place every day, and as a popular workers’ compensation law firm that’s been assisting injured individuals for over 40 years, Morales & Cerino knows that Fort Lauderdale construction worker accidents are dangerous and numerous.

They include:

  • Falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs
  • Broken bones from falling between beams
  • Toxic chemical direct exposure
  • Forklift, bulldozer and crane accidents
  • Excavators and loader backhoes that overturn
  • Extreme head injuries from falling objects
  • Back and neck injury from building collapse
  • Malfunctioning electrical power device injuries
  • Hoisted loads that break free and fall
  • Faulty rigging, cables or ropes

Dangerous safety violations and an absence of safety gear on construction sites could mean serious injuries. Companies should provide every type of safety equipment needed to safeguard employees, including: hard hats, goggles, eye defense, earplugs, earphones, steel-toed boots, and energy-protected gloves. With absence of basic safety equipment, along with poor safety training at numerous constructing sites, we are never stunned at the building and construction site mishaps we see.

At the Fort Lauderdale law office of Morales & Cerino, we understand the tragic influences construction worker accidents can carry in your life. We also understand Florida scaffolding law and workers’ compensation guidelines in and out, and that workers’ compensation insurance companies will certainly minimize construction site injuries. Construction worker accidents can lead to any type of number of life-altering injuries, consisting of paralysis, coma, spinal cord injury, a smashed spinal column, shoulder/neck injury, or a traumatic head injury, as well as a long checklist of injuries requiring a surgical procedure. Our expert legal team is ready to be of assistance to you. Contact us today!