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Fort Lauderdale Carpal Tunnel from Working

Morales & Cerino

Carpal tunnel is a serious medical condition that happens when there is a compression of the median nerve as it goes through the wrist at the carpel tunnel. The symptoms of carpel tunnel include: prickly-feeling, lack of sensation, and no strength or pain in the fingers or hand. Symptoms most often are felt in all of the fingers on the hand, except for the little finger. If you suffer from symptoms in every finger but your small one, this indicates you could have carpal tunnel syndrome.

In some cases, carpel tunnel syndrome is a work-related injury. If and when this is the case, it is important that you know your rights under the Fort Lauderdale carpel tunnel from working laws. Our state provides for those who suffer from carpel tunnel through workers’ compensation benefits. It is the job of the employer to pay for this insurance to protect their employees from such injuries. These benefits assist you in receiving the medical treatment you need to get healed and get the time off that is necessary to recover.

If your hands have been injured at work and you suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, Morales & Cerino will certainly fight vigorously to get you reimbursed for your medical costs and monetary compensation for your discomfort, pain and suffering, as well as lost income.

Our legal team is dedicated to assisting those suffering carpel tunnel from working to get the benefits, surgery, or other treatments they need through a workers’ compensation claim. Many injured individuals discover that it can be extremely difficult to get adequate time to recover or the surgery they need to resolve the condition. We have successfully represented many injured workers over our 40 years in practice and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements on their behalf. Our mission is to help you get your claim resolved favorably, in the shortest amount of time possible.