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Top 5 Reasons You Need to Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A workplace is many things. It's a place to earn a living, serve the needs of the community and help people. All workers not only need a safe workplace. They are also entitled to a safe workplace by law. When something goes wrong, all workers are entitled to be heard under the law. They're also entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. While this is a requirement by law, it can be hard to navigate the legal system in the aftermath of any workplace accident. At Morales & Cerino, we are the Hialeah workers' compensation attorney on your side. We provide the help you need right now.

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim can be complicated. In the aftermath of a workplace injury, you need to focus on getting better. You don't need to spend hours trying to make heads or tails of the required paperwork. A skilled Hialeah workers' compensation attorney can take these tasks off your hands and make sure the work is filed correctly in accordance with all necessary Florida laws.

Assistance With Compensation

It's also not always clear if you qualify for compensation. A lawyer can help you decide if you have a case. They can also help you realize how much compensation you're entitled to under the laws of the state. A lawyer will also help you do things such as keep track of your medical bills to help prove your claim.

Other Benefits

Worker's compensation is not the only benefit that you may be eligible for. You may be eligible for social security benefits and long term disability benefits via your employer. A lawyer can help you sort through your options and find out what laws apply to your case.

The Appeals Process

After filing a claim, you might face additional hurdles. Filing a claim for worker's compensation does not mean it will be decided in your favor. The company's carrier may rule against you initially. At this point in time, many people aren't sure what to do next. They aren't aware they have the right to an appeal. This is where the lawyer can provide you with the assistance you want and need to make sure all legal procedures are fully followed. They will be your voice going forward.

A Hearing

Under state laws, you have the right to a hearing if your claim for worker's compensation is initially denied. The lawyer can help you with the hearing. They'll be there to speak with and help you clear up any issues that might have otherwise been unclear when you first filed that paperwork for worker's compensation.

The entire process of filing a worker's compensation claim can be hard. If you've been the victim of an accident, you need to work on your ability to return to work or make sure that you have compensation you are entitled to by law. Morales & Cerino can and will be your best resource during this legal process.

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